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Police car in rear view mirror during traffic stop

What To Do If You Are Stopped By The Police

As a bail bondsman we see and hear a lot of different things from our clients. We have learned many things over the years but there are a few that still remain the same and everyone needs to know.

When the police stop you for any reason it is best to comply with their orders. An interaction with law enforcement is not in a courtroom and there is no way to put on a defense or plea a case. If an officer develops probable cause he/she will make an arrest and transport you to jail. The arrest is only based on what the officer believes to be true and what he will give to the prosecutors.

If you are stopped by the police you should always remain calm and listen to what the officer requests. If you happen to have a weapon on your body or in a nearby location, make sure to let the officer know (even if you don’t have a license/permit). If the officer finds something illegal in your vehicle or on your body do not try to run or get away, this will only add charges to what is already happening and can significantly raise your bonds.

If a police officer asks you to identify yourself do not provide false information. If you know you have an outstanding warrant it is easier to just get it out of the way if you give the officer false information that can result in more serious charges being filed. Police officers are trained to listen very closely to answers and if they believe you are lying to them they will work harder to find out your true identity.

Traffic stops are a normal event for police officers and they are not often looking for any kind of conflict. The majority of the time it is due to a traffic violation that causes the stop in the first place and the officer is strictly trying to correct the issue with a warning or a ticket. You should never attempt to flee from the officer as it is a upgraded charge in many states.

We will end this advice with the same way we started it. As bail bondsmen we see many of our clients charged with criminal actions that they would not have been charged with if they had just remain calm and complied. There are no gains to be had by attempting to outsmart the police, they can issue arrest warrants after they have identified you or can also add charges after you have been arrested.

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