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Introduction to Bail Bonds

Bail bonding has been used throughout the world dating back as far as the Kings of England. A defendant charged with a crime would sit in the the dungeons until such a time that the charges against him/her would be heard. A friend or family member would be allowed to provide bail as long as they guaranteed that the defendant would show up for the court date. If that defendant did not show up for the scheduled date it was the person on the bonds responsibility to stand in for them. If there was a conviction that same person would have to do the sentence in lieu of the actual defendant. 

We have come a long way since those times and now bail bonding is a much safer and professional way of getting released from jail. In Pinellas County when a person is arrested they are transported to the Pinellas County Jail to be processed. During this intake process it will be determine if the inmate has a bond or if they will be held in the jail until a later time. 

If a defendant is bailable it is imperative to call 1st Knight Bail Bonds as quickly as possible to start the paperwork necessary. When all the paperwork is done we will get to the jail and secure the defendants release. 

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